When someone posts something so bad you just gotta have this:

Hi, person with a healthy since of morality here! I would just like to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with every aspect of what you just posted and am extremely concerned about your mental health. I highly recommend you get therapy and possibly see a psychiatrist to be prescribed proper medication, because clearly you are in dire need of psychological help! I know, we all have freedom of speech, and I love freedom of speech, but, I feel the best course of action from here on would be to simply delete this post and reflect on what you have done, and if you are religious, ask god for forgiveness and repent for your sins! 🙂 people who commonly exhibit your behavior patterns are statistically proven to be more destructive people in society and also tend to live more miserable lives as they grow older due to their inability to change or admit they are wrong because they feel like if they did that others would judge them! 🙂 it’s okay to be wrong, it’s the first step and healing and becoming a better person! Godspeed to you!

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