when valorant goes down

its been a few hours since the love of my life Valorant was unrightfully stripped away from me and many more lovers like myself of this game. I can already feel my anger rising with the understanding my body is coming to a slow death. Without Val im nothing, this game means everything, i skip school daily to play for 17 hours a day. I planned on living off this game. Without it im lost and i dont know how to move forward. Ive been playing it since beta and met the owner. I had logged well over 75,000 hours. this game means everything to me. all my money, time. and care goes to it and for it to be taken away has me at a loss for words. i was radiant in every season and was just trying to enjoy talking to my discord mod e kitten while playing ranked. This is something the world will never get over, millons have been effected and at this point millions have died within themselves as the only thing weve grown to love is gone in a snap. This is something i dont think i can get past as i have not stepped foot out my house and live off val stats and my mom since the last 3 years. Nothing can match this game and nothing can replace what it ment to me, its like i have to restart life and i dont think i can carry on with life like this. val was my life, even before i binged played this game for 18 hours a day i was playing on my phone in school until i got my mommy to let me drop out of 6th grade and commit my life to fps shooter game , i cant see how its viewed as fair to simply take my life away. I dont know if i can life with it. ive spent hours finding how to become the best, i have spent thousands on this. ive been crying since it was banned. i spent almost 10 hours a day on weekends finding out how to catch the proper angle on the axis of angles around the map and hit box layout. this is something the world can oversee. as far as i know this is the end of the world, i assume in 24 hours we will all be dead from ourselves or others in fear of the loss of Valorant.


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