Where is it? Where’s the acknowledgment?

Hello fellow madghostsors 🥺🤬🥰*sniffle* *clears throat* 🫢ahem its actually my cake day🥳🎂, so I’m wondering where the obscene number of internet points i non-negotiably requested are? 📈💻*scratches taint anxiously* 😣🍒you see there’s this thing we do here and its really cool 😎*blushes*☺️, see when we make our accounts they get a birthday 🍰🧁and when it comes around each year there’s a little cyan 🔵cake icon 🍰that pops up next to our names and well I’m choking up just saying it but *suckles inhaler* 😭🥲🥹- but I’ve actually not received any karma 🤯🤬😡from any of you. Where are my awards? 🥇🥉🥈🏅🏆Where are my internet points?! Why is it that when i celebrate a year 🗓more on this godforsaken website that undoubtedly has negatively 👎📵💆🏽‍♂️impacted my mental health I’m not compensated with even just a few seconds⏱ of your time?? * sucks braces* Why are you not spending legitimate real world 🌎 💵 , money that could be spent on medicine🩻⚕️ or charity, on me?!! Why am i not the charity you have chosen to donate to on this special day on of mine 🗓🍰🥳? I am giving you all the last ~ 8 hours ⏱👀of my special occasion to make up for this transgression, and as a gesture of my goodwill 😇 i will forgive you * sniffs fingers from aforementioned taint scratch, inhaling deeply* 🍒🤫😩

#Wheres #acknowledgment

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