Why do people simp for Anti from Phantom Forces (Roblox)?

Ok, first of all that caught our eyes is face and body feature. She is a really good looking female human, with a fine and healthy body portation and ratio, not too fat like discord mod and not too thin like she left for starvate for an month and yet she is also not being too sexualized by making her boobs too big like in hentai or porn comic or being to non-sexualized by making her boobs like a flat wall, it is there, behind the uniform and could be holding down, flatern, making you want to take it off, expose the true size of that boobs. Especially,…her noticable cat-like feature that make her appeal to have that vulnerable look. The large eyes and cute perky ears creates a youthful and endearing look that men want to keep safe and innocent. This in turn makes the man feel more powerful because he gets to fulfill his traditional role as savior and protector. Yet in a world of mercenaries, where your main gameplay is go in the battlefield and shooting at people, you will feel tired and want someone company you and she is also have that appeal as well, someone who could be there for you in your hardest time. However, just like cats, that catgirls feature make her look wild and aloof. Like a tempest, she look exciting, dangerous, and difficult to control. This making you when try to owning a PNG picture of her on your sight make it very much like an adrenaline sport, to flex that absolute dominate for those who don’t have bitches. As for clothing, despite the fact that she is wearing a military uniform that adding that strong, independence look, she also wearing a skirt and stoking that appal through out her outside look on fanart and her marketing plushie, really adding that extra punch for that youthfulness and energentic feeling of a teenager because believe it or not, most men find younger girls sexy in general. Even in liberal societies, a male married to an older woman raises at least an eyebrow. Also, the in-between of the skirt and stocking, aka the absolute territory really hit that feeling of teasing the viewer because the there are a really small area of exposed skin, it don’t shown it all fully, it create a sense of misterous that make you want to see the rest of it and want to know what behind that layer of black fabric despite the fact that it was a illusional. With all that feature, it make her a a lovable and a ahem…fappable material for simps.

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