Why does everyone want autism?

Why does everyone want to be ‘disabled’ it seems?

I see so many tik toks and posts about being neurodivergent. Which is totally fine. But what I’m also seeing is a huge population of mostly younger people “self diagnosing” specifically autism.

Now it’s not my job to be the autism police and say who is or isn’t on the spectrum (we all have some autistic traits), but I can’t understand why SO many people want to actually get a diagnosis and make their entire personality about their disability.

While I’ve been annoyed of seeing it due to the ignorance in general what actually is worrisome to me is what the future will look like.

So imagine as we go forward with technology we lose more of our rights. What if someday they don’t allow disabled people to have kids? What if they could take your kids away if you have a certain diagnosis etc.? Now I’m not saying that WILL happen or that it’s right Bc it’s obviously morally fucked up. What I’m saying is sometimes having a diagnosis fucks you over A LOT more than not having one (fibromyalgia, BPD).

I understand that being diagnosed can be a relief to some, finally a label to put to the behavior. But still, I just find it very odd that people want to get diagnosed with a disability that has turned in to this cute “quirky” ailment. It’s weird. And it’s limiting. I know tons of people who don’t let their limitations define them and hardly speak on it. But so many people who have these “new found” disabilities that make so much more sense now Bc they also don’t like to stand up to get napkins and Chipotle.


What do you think?

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  1. You know, I come on this subreddit to look at funny haha dumb crap, not to come across someone saying something that needs to be said and that I 100% agree with. This is the best thing on this sub frfr

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