Why Genshin Raiden is better than Metal Gear Raiden and Mortal Kombat Raiden (From Youtube comment section debate)

1.) Ok

2.) She spams multiple judgement cut, and melt to bubbles that silicon based carapace beyond melting point since lighting is literally hotter than sun, has a dragon too.

3.) She is the mother of all omelettes, the M in Mei stands for MasterChef, guess what’s missing in Raiden Ei

4.) She has no sister because all of her 5 iterations is a single child.

In all 5 iterations of 5 Raiden, Raiden Ei literally is the disgrace for having the most shallowly executed story. And, despite Genshin existing in Imaginary Tree, it’s irrelevant to Honkai series, Raiden Ei/Shogun powers alone can’t clap any main cast that has powers in Honkai series, that’s the difference of it.

i didn’t mean Raiden Ei has Previous reincarnation, i’m talking about her other self that already existed 9 years ago,

Honkai Gakuen Dr. MEI (Era: 0)

Raiden Mei Herrscher of Thunder (Era:1) God Slayer Raiden Mei (Era: 2)

Honkai Impact 3rd

Dr. MEI (Previous Era)

Raiden Mei Herrscher of Thunder (Current Era)

Two different world, but still stronger than anyone, although Jack won’t have a chance, i don’t know about Raiden MK though.**Show less**

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