Why Glaceon is the most attractive Pokémon:

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon fucking, Glaceon is the most attractive Pokémon for humans? They are in the field egg group which, as many Vaporeon connoisseurs would know, is mostly comprised of mammals (thus allowing breeding, however that is not what Glaceon should be praised for as you’ll soon understand). Glaceon are an average of only 2’07” tall and 57.1 pounds, allowing them to be easily subdued by most average human males, while still being perfectly capable of handling human dicks, from the front, with a very aesthetically pleasing face and a short feline muzzle, and the back, with thick thighs you wouldn’t expect on such a lean and graceful Pokémon. They also have a great defense stat, despite being a special attacker, allowing you to get real rough with one, and if that wasn’t enough and you really wanted to smack one of those slutty fuckers around, because of them being easily able to create hail around their body and their hidden ability, ice body, they can quickly regenerate hp after you’re done with them for a bit, allowing you to get right back to Glaceon fucking in a matter of minutes. Now I know what you may be thinking: because of their ice based biology, there’s no way a human dick could handle such low temperatures, right? And that’s where you’re wrong, a thing Glaceon are really great at is controlling their body heat, thus allowing one of them to easily reach temperatures hot enough for you to comfortably shove your dick inside of one and feel great doing it. You may think Glaceon would be completely dry during this, due to not being a good ol’ Vaporeon, however Glaceon can easily emanate powdery snow from their body, and because of their previously mentioned body heat ability, there’s no doubt in my mind a Glaceon could get really wet for your cock’s enjoyment inside of them. They have easy access to moves like Baby-Doll Eyes, Attract and Captivate, however these are all moves Glaceon won’t need, as they are naturally capable of enamouring anyone with their captivating beauty, a skill they mostly use while hunting as predators, however a trained Glaceon is docile, cool and collected, thus allowing them to use those innate skills for your pleasure as their trainer instead of your demise. The moves you should really, truly be looking out for in your Glaceon of choice are Helping Hand and Endure. If you want the Glaceon to take control and do the work for you, Helping hand will do the trick, as a Glaceon’s skillful, soft and cool paws are definitely able to make quick work of any desire your dick may have. And if instead you wish to destroy one of them with your pure masculine strength for hours uninterrupted, a Glaceon can just Endure through all of it, ensuring they will never faint in the middle of it and not even requiring breaks to regenerate their HP. No other Pokémon comes close to this level of sheer attraction and fuckability, with their thin, soft fur and their elaborate diamond-shaped patterns all over their submissive bodies. Also, fun fact, Glaceon has the highest special attack of any non-legendary ice Pokémon, making it an apex predator in the wild Arctic environment, and the fact that such a special attacking powerhouse can be your willing servant is the peak of sexual arousal for any male top. Glaceon is literally built to make you hard and ready to fuck for hours on end. Good defense+easy access to Endure+Ice Body means it can handle any amount of cocks all day, from their perfectly heated up muzzle or their warm ass/vagina, or even both at the same time if you wish to share one of those sluts with a friend! They will keep you aroused with their natural beauty and let you use them for as long as you can last

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