Why is every comment about Morbius.

Why is every comment about Morbius. Holy shit this isn’t a Morbius joke. Morbius never crossed my mind when making this post until I read the comments. Everyone here has taken my beautiful joke and smothered it with the Big Morb. My joke is ruined. My day is ruined. Everything I ever loved has been Morbed away. Nothing is sacred, it is only Morbius. If this continues any longer I am going to Morb myself. I have nothing left to live for. My joy has been taken and in its place is a movie staring Jared Leto. I have never even seen the movie. I do not care about the movie. I simply wanted to make a humorous post on madghosts.com. Why has this happened to me. Did I do something despicable in a previous life? Have I unknowingly offended a diety? Is the god of heaven a Morbius fan? Please, whatever I have done, let it be forgiven. Take this burden away from me. Now is not the Morbin time, now is a time for repentance. I cannot take any more of this. I cannot.

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