Why is my penis not growing? I hate it.

I’m at the end of puberty and my penis is not growing. My penis is only about 3.5 inches long, and I hate it.

Why can’t I have at least 6 inches? My father is from Africa. I don’t understand why, out of ALL people, I have to have a small dick. Especially because my father is literally african. It doesn’t add up.

I have a considerable amount of body hair and I’m kinda big, so I don’t think I have a hormone problem. Or maybe I do? I don’t know. But 3.5 inches at the end of puberty seems really odd. I don’t think my dick has grown much at all, to be honest. I don’t see a big difference from when I was younger. My balls got a tiny bit bigger, but that’s it.

I’m really unhappy with my size. I hate how unpleasant it looks. My hand can make my dick disappear. That’s how small it is. Most people my age seem to have bigger dicks. This isn’t fair. Will weight loss make my dick look bigger? Because I’m a little overweight. Maybe I should become a skinny twink? What should I do? I guess I’m gonna lose weight.

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