Why Trans rights are wrong.

As we all know, transgender people want to be accepted like your normal everyday person. But, they, and their followers, constantly speak about “Trans rights”. However, the fact that they have their own rights implies they don’t have Human rights and, by extension, are not human.

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  2. As we all πŸ’― know πŸ€”, transgender 🚻 people πŸ‘¨πŸΏπŸ‘©πŸΏ want 😍 to be accepted 🀝 like πŸ˜„ your πŸ‘‰ normal 😐 everyday πŸ—“ person πŸ‘¨. However πŸ–, they, and their followers πŸ”œ, constantly πŸ’― speak πŸ™Š about πŸ’¦ “Trans πŸ€– rights βœ””.

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