Wives do the funniest things when they are alone!

Hey, have you ever tried telling your wife that you’re going to work, but instead you stay back in the bushes and watch her in the house with binoculars? LOL!!! Wives do the funniest things when they are alone. One time I spied on my wife and she closed the blinds to our bedroom even though she never wants the blinds closed! It’s so weird how she does this, it makes me think there is something going on with her.

My 6’5 225 8% BMI African American bodyguard even got worried! He noticed that she shut the blinds, and went in to go check on her to make sure shes okay! Great guy man, he spent like 45 minutes in there talking to her trying to calm her down, and at first I could see her silhouette jumping up and down with Frankie holding onto her trying to calm her down, but after like 35 minutes, she began to calm down, and went into the bathroom to wash some of the cotton from the pillows off of her face and hair (I need to get new pillow sheets LOL!!!) Funny stuff man let me tell you, you gotta try it.

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