Excuse me sir or ma’am, but I couldn’t help but notice…. are you a “girl”?? A “female?” A “member of the finer sex?” 

Not  that it matters too much, but it’s just so rare to see a girl around  here! I don’t mind, no–quite to the contrary! It’s so refreshing to see  a girl online, to the point where I’m always telling all my friends “I  really wish girls were better represented on the internet.”And here you  are!I don’t mean to push or anything, but if you wanted to DM me about  anything at all, I’d love to pick your brain and learn all there is to  know about you. I’m sure you’re an incredibly interesting girl–though I  see you as just a person, really–and I think we could have lots to  teach each other. 

I’ve  always wanted the chance to talk to a gorgeous lady–and I’m pretty  sure you’ve got to be gorgeous based on the position of your text in the  picture–so feel free to shoot me a message, any time at all! You don’t  have to be shy about it, because you’re beautiful anyways (that’s juyst  a preview of all the compliments I have in store for our chat).Looking  forwards to speaking with you soon, princess! 

EDIT: I couldn’t help but notice you haven’t sent your message yet. There’s no need to be nervous! I promise I don’t bite, haha 

EDIT  2: In case you couldn’t find it, you can click the little chat button  from my profile and we can get talking ASAP. Not that I don’t think you  could find it, but just in case hahah 

EDIT 3: look I don’t understand why you’re not even talking to me, is it something I said? 

EDIT  4: I knew you were always a bitch, but I thought I was wrong. I thought  you weren’t like all the other girls out there but maybe I was too  quick to judge 

EDIT 5: don’t ever contact me again whore

EDIT 6: hey are you there? 


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