Women aren’t actually real, here’s proof.

Women aren’t real.

All non-gaslit men know that there are only Men (coming in both dick possessing and dickless variety) and intersex people. About 1 million, 984 thousand years ago, the dick owning Men decided to prank the dickless men by pretending that there was a such thing as a “gender” and they were part of the “gender” known as women. In reality, gender is completely made up and is just part of the meme, but the dickless men (and some of the dick owning men as well) were successfully fooled and started incorrectly calling themselves women. This phenomenon came to be known as the world’s first “meme”.

This brings us to the current day, where there are now “Cis” men, “Trans” men, “Cis” “women”, “trans” “women”, and “non-binary” and intersex people.

“Cis” men know from birth that there is only men and pride themselves in keeping up the facade to prank the “women”.

“Cis” “women”, on the other hand, were taught from birth that women are real (they’re not) and that they are one (they’re not).

“Trans” “women” are men whose friends and fellow gaslighted dickless men gaslighted them into thinking that “women” are actually real and that they can be one, which would theoretically be possible if women were real, however since they aren’t, they are merely “transitioning” from a masculine dick-possessing man to a feminine dickless man.) Trans “women” are rather controversial, as there is a debate amongst the non-gaslighted men as to whether it’s cruel or merely a prank to gaslight their fellow man into becoming “women”. Since the “trans” “women” get confused and think the debate is actually hating them for being “women”, these men are in turn dubbed “transphobes”.

“Trans” men are dickless men who were gaslighted from birth into becoming “women”. Fortunately, they realized the meme was just that, a meme, and decided to be the man that they actually are. Trans men also have another purpose, to fool the “women” into thinking genders exist (they don’t). “Transitioning” implies that the gender binary exists, which obviously isn’t true.

Non-binary people are men who are especially devoted to keeping up the facade. Their purpose is largely the same as trans men, since being outside the gender binary implies the gender binary exists in the first place, which isn’t true. There is one other purpose for enbies, though. Some people don’t like to be called men, but don’t want to be associated with the gaslighted ones. So they become non-binary, though a more accurate term would be non-singularity since, as you know, there is only one gender.

Intersex men have mutated anatomies and could be dick-owning, dickless, or anything in between. They are sort of a wild card, and can be any one of the above depending on their parent(s) role in the meme.

So, now it’s time for a Q&A:

Q: “Why are you telling me this? Shouldn’t you be keeping up the facade?”

A: Well, quite frankly, I’ve just gotten tired of it. The memes been going for almost 2 million years, for Christ’s sake. It’s just not funny anymore. If you’re a “woman” who’s asking me this, I’m just providing you with the knowledge you need to help me stop the meme. If you are a non-gaslit man, then while I admire your dedication to the meme, I should also point out that you look like this ——>🤓

Q: “You’re wrong. You’re just making this up”

A: No I’m not. You’re wrong. Go ahead, give a source. That “source” is just propaganda to keep up the facade.

Q: “Gender is a social construct, therefore it is real”

A: Yes, the meme is a social construct and is real, but the actual subject of the meme is pure fiction.

Q: “You’re just being transphobic”

A: First off, the concept of transphobia doesn’t exist since there is no gender to trans into or out of. But in the hypothetical, fictitious scenario that genders and women did exist, trans women would be women. But that’s the thing, trans women can’t be women not because they were born male (everyone is), but because women simply don’t exist.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk, and I hope you’ve been successfully convinced to stop believing in “women”s existence.

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