You don’t know what existential crisis means

You have obviously not done much study in existential crises then, upon the hypothetical study of which you would’ve realized that they don’t actually exist. Existentialism is a school of philosophy, not a stupid buzzword used to shit on little children. I’m a philosopher, well educated in the field, and your outlook is not only unnecessary, but downright incorrect. This sub is full of losers and kid-haters, and it makes me nauseous. Go have sex, touch grass, make eye contact with a human for once— it may make you feel adequate enough to not make about her shitty comment online!
All of those incels & inbreds that download my commenting are destined to meet a fiery end someday anyway, so no need to defend my sacred honor beneath me. And, it’s been brought to my attention that those that populate this sub-read-it are not ones that would feel obligated to read my entire posting-comment, and to that I take major offense. If you are in this site, I am completely entitled to your time and effort of consuming my reply, and if you do not read the entire thing I will find you. If you talk trash on my philosophical studies you merely demonstrate your own lack of tact as well as intellectual prowess, now please leave.


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