you, me.

you, me, parent’s house. what are we gettin’ for dinner? pizza of course! uh oh! there was a sedative inside of our hot-n-ready pizza. we black out and wake up in my wife’s boyfriend’s bedroom. we’re surrounded by turtles; horny turtles. you know what that means, turtle orgy! the stench draws in a homeless man. what do we do? we’re gonna fight him. home fight? brick-handed? naked at home? oh, yes please! we befriend the man after we beat him with a handjob, then we drive him into a chuck-e-cheese. dance-dance revolution. dance-dance? give a lap dance? uh, i think so! next thing you know, i’m reincarnated as elon musk, then i turn into an airplane, fly into the twin towers, black out again, wake up, screw my stepsister, chrome out (which i didn’t know you could do)! then i smoked some trees, tree’d out, then i turned into a moderator. uh oh! looks like the madghosts karma’s kickin’ in! *slowly dies of obesity and heart failure*

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