You gonna stay on my dick until you die! You serve no purpose in life. Your purpose in life is being on my stream sucking on my dick daily! Your purpose is being in that chat blowing that dick daily! Your life is nothing! You serve zero purpose! You should kill yourself now! And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen and ozone layer, that’s covered up so we can breathe inside this blue trapped bubble. Because what are you here for? To worship me? Kill yourself. I mean that, with a hundred percent. With a thousand percent.


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  1. You, gorna, you stayed until I die! The purpose of your life is in my darkness every day. The goal of you is to settle this gap every day: you have no life! You should! Now you should kill yourself! We left this oxygen and the ozone layer spare parts for others. So we can play a role in this black. How are you here? I’m talking 100%. 10%.

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