You think you’re a pretty?


You think you’re a pretty?

You’re so confident about yourself,

I’m so pretty

I’m the prettiest girl on TikTok

NO! You’re Black ☝️, Ugly ✌️, Ni**er 🀟, Piece of Shit πŸ––, Stranger 🀬, Asshole 😌, Dumb Asshole 😀, Shitface 😡, Dying Cancer πŸ€’

And I can’t wait till the day you die and drop of Corona Virus 😷


And I’m done! I’m not going to talk to you anymore. I’m gonna block you right now because,

I don’t talk to Little Shits and I don’t talk to Whores.

Okey? πŸ‘‹

#youre #pretty

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