you uncultured swine, the banana taped to the wall is a modern masterpiece

It is a symbol of how capitalism in modern America has trapped people against an unchanging system and a world of free opportunity. The tape is the symbolism of the government and system that is suffocating us of our creativity and free will. The banana, people, who put on this exterior mask, the peel, to fit into the oppressive society while inside they are a helpless mush, banana inside, of lost dreams and killed creativity. The stem of the banana, the human hand, reaching up toward the sky.. trying to grasp at something more but there is ultimately nothing. It is titled the comedian.. it is comedic as we look upon this taped banana.. we ourselves are viewing a representation of our lives. It is comedic because we will never break free from the stickiness of the tape. We watch, as this banana is sold for thousands of dollars money that could go towards bettering our society, modern capitalism has stricken once again. The comedian is a representational art piece that shows the true haunting nature of human society. One in which a banana taped to a wall can be sold for $120k, while there are citizens of this country are left to starve and live on the streets. It is such a deep and meaningful art piece it just brings me to tears. Now look at this yellow and sweet banana with the grey strip of tape, and tell me how it is not the most influential artistic masterpiece in all of human history?

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