You’re a boy in a man’s world.

You´re a boy, *points at you* in a man´s world. *points at me* And I´m a man who loves to play with boys.NO! NO! WAIT A MINUTE! SHUT UP! HOLD ON! NO! NO! NO! SHUT UP! HOLD ON A SECOND! HOLD ON A SECOND! *cries aggressively and manly* What I meant to say-LISTEN! *cries in desperate anger* Y/N! *points at you* Y/N! What I meant to say is you´re a boy *points at you* and I´m a man. *points at me* And tonight, I´m gonna let the man handle you…*realization* NO WAIT! *starts punching myself aggressively* HOLD ON A SECOND! HOLD ON A SECOND *starts walking around and crying in complete internal agony* HOLD ON! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

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