You’re watching Minions: The Rise of the Gru

You’re watching Minions: The Rise of the Gru in the 20 dollar suit you stole fron your dad’s closet. While thinking about what your father would think of you using a suit that was last worn in his High School prom to watch a kids movie, you see it. Minion ass. Your dick immediately becomes harder than a diamond, so solid it could slice a man in two. There’s no time to think on that potential new fetish however, as there’s a single idea passing your mind: jerking off. You pull out your dick and start to violently do the deed, wich makes a nearby mother scream in disgust, and all parents near your seat cover their kids eyes. You do not care however, as the world for you in those moments consists of Minion ass and all the dirty things you would do to it. Eventually, security is called, but you manage to bust a nut before walking out of the theater, staining the back of the front seat with yellowish cum for a poor minimum wage woker to clean. The police await you outside, and in court you are judged to 5 years for indecent exposure. But it was all worth it, as Minions: Rise of the Gru gave you the best orgasm of your life

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