Zamazenta copypasta from the Smash Ultimate Hell Fb group

Zamazenta here is about to sit on my face. She is the largest and heaviest creature that I willingly let sit on my face. Zamazenta is 9’ 06” and she weighs 463.0 lbs. Zamazenta needs to be in her normal forme when she sits on my face. She is MUCH heavier in her crowned forme; thus, too heavy to sit on my face. I would die immediately. This forme is okay.

The same rules apply when Zamazenta sits on my face as any other female. I am not allowed to tell Zamazenta to get off my face, Zamazenta can sit on my face for however long she wants, and I am required to lick Zamazenta’s vagina the entire time Zamazenta is sitting on my face and swallow anything that I lick up. Licking Zamazenta’s vagina while she sits on my face is a bit weird. This is because her vagina is so large that my entire face is planted in her vagina. Therefore, licking her vagina means that I am licking the inside walls of Zamazenta’s vagina. Also, since Zamazenta can sit on my face as long as she wants, sometimes it could mean my death because of it because of her heaviness.

Zamazenta is what is referred to as a “facesitting creature”. A facesitting creature is considered a sex creature. Since Zamazenta is a sex creature, we were required to do all of the main four sexual acts for our very first sexual encounter, peeing in my mouth, vagina licking, facesitting, and sexual intercourse. Zamazenta first had to pee in my mouth, then I had to lick her vagina, then Zamazenta had to sit on my face, and then we had to have sexual intercourse. Zamazenta was exempt from sitting on my face because of her size and weight class, but because she was going to be a facesitting creature, I might as well include facesitting for our very first sexual encounter.

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