3 nuns and a Parrot

This was a joke I heard decades ago, sorry if someone beat me to this one. Here goes:

3 nuns were passing by a big house. It was a modest house with a beautiful yard and in it, a caged Parrot. It’s not very talkative but everytime the three nuns pass, the parrot would utter random colors…

“Red, white, pink”, the parrot said as they passed that day.

Another time they passed, and the parrot said “Pink, light blue, mint green”.

And so they finally decided to address the curious situation and talk about it amongst themselves.
“Why is it saying some colors?”, the first nun said.

“I don’t know, but I AM wearing light blue panties today!”, the second one said.

“Holy sh—eep, I’m wearing mint green underwear!”

So the three nuns decided that the parrot can guess accurately what colors their underwear were, so they tried something to confuse the parrot. Lo and behold, as they approached the house another day, they were shocked to hear what it had to say…

**”Bald, hairy, slightly bald.”**

What do you think?

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