3 Nuns are killed in an accident and meet St Peter at the Pearly Gates.

Before they’re admitted to Heaven, St Peter tells them that they have to answer a question before they can enter.
He turns to the first nun and asks “Who was the first man on Earth?”
The nun answer “Easy, Adam”, then some lights flash and bells ring, “Yeah congratulations!” says Peter “That’s correct you may enter.”
The second nun steps up. Peter asks “Who was the first woman on Earth?”, “That’s easy, it was Eve” said the second nun. The lights flash and the bells ring, “Woohoo, well done!” says Peter “that was the correct answer, you may enter”.
Up steps the third nun. Peter asks “What was the first thing Eve said to Adam?”
The nun thinks for a while and finally says “Gosh, that’s a hard one” then the lights flash and the bells ring…

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