3 Nuns

Three nuns are driving home after an evening church service when suddenly a demon-like creature appears on the bonnet of their car.
The nuns are shocked and are unsure what to do!
“Quickly” says the Nun driving “Lean out the windows and say a bible verse”
So the other Nun winds down her window and quotes some bible verses, however the demon just hisses back.
The other Nun in the back suggests…
“Get some Holy Water out of the glove box and throw it on him”
And again the Nun leans out the windows and shakes the holy water at the demon.
Again the demon, remains on the bonnet and hisses back at the Nuns.
Finally the Nun driving says…
“I know, lean out the window and show him your cross!”
“Good idea” says the Nun.
She leans out the window and yells..

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