A 10 year old boy was walking down the street dragging a dead frog by a string.

He walks into the lobby of a hotel, straight up to the front desk to the receptionist.

“Hi ma’am, I was wondering if you could help me.” The boy asks her.

The receptionist glances at the frog and responds “I’m sorry sweetie but I don’t thing I can help your frog, I believe he is dead.”

The little boy smiles at her and says “oh, I know he’s dead, what I was wondering is if you could help me find a hooker with herpes.”

The receptionist could barely contain her shock. “My goodness!” She exclaimed. “You are way to young to know about these things, let alone ask for them! How about you tell me who your parents are so I can call them for you.”

The little boy then reaches into his pocket, pulls out $50, puts it on the counter and repeats his request. The receptionist cannot believe what is happening and once again denies him. The boy then pulls out an additional $50. Then another. They repeat this until there is $500 on the counter. The receptionist, who doesn’t make a lot of money, stops to consider things. There is more then enough cash on the table to oblige him and keep plenty for herself, and besides, she has no idea what this child’s intentions are, and frankly it’s none of her business. She decides she’s going to go for it.

Some browsing of google and a couple phone calls later, the arrangements are made. Shortly after, a woman walks into the lobby. The little boy and her have a brief exchange, then walk down the hall and into a room together. About 15 minutes pass by and the two of them return to the lobby, the woman leaves and the little boy returns to the desk with an enormous smile on his face.

“Thank you so much for helping me!” He says to the receptionist.

Unable to contain her curiosity anymore, she insists that he explain to her what this was all about.

“Well you see ma’am, I really needed to find a way to get herpes and this was the easiest way I could think of.”

The receptionist was filled with disbelief at what she just heard. “Why on earth would a fine young man such as yourself do this to yourself?!”

“Well ma’am, I told the babysitter I was just running to the store. But now when I go back home, I’m going to sleep with her. Then when my daddy gets home from work, he’s going to sleep with her. Later tonight when I’m asleep, my mommy and daddy are going to sleep with each other. In the morning once my daddy leaves for work, mommy is going to sleep with the mailman. And that mailman is the motherfucker who ran over my pet frog.”

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