A blind man walks into a hotel in Texas…

He goes to the bar and hops up on a giant barstool.

“Boy, this seat is massive!” he tells the bartender.

The bartender tells him, “everything’s bigger in Texas.”

He orders a beer and the barkeep thrusts a half-gallon mug of ice-cold beer into his hands.

“This is huge!” he says. “Like I said, everything’s bigger in Texas.” the bartender says.

He manages to drink the whole thing while chatting with the bartender, but eventually, the half gallon of liquid catches up with him.

He asks the bartender where the bathroom is, and he says “down the hall, first door on the right.”

He starts down the hall, but he misses the bathroom and walks through the second door, which happens to be the hotel pool.

He walks forward and falls into the pool. After a bit of flailing, he bobs to the surface and desperately yells “Don’t flush! Don’t flush!”

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  1. After downing a few, hte blind man asks where the bathroom is. ‟Second left to the right & watch out for the second step,” says the bartender.


    The blind man accidentally takes the 3rd left and falls down an empty elevator shaft. He gets up, shakes himself off and says ‟bugger the second step I will piss here”

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