A blonde, brunette and a red head all get to heaven…

They’re greeted by an angel at the bottom of a staircase with one-hundred steps.

The angel tells them that in order to get to heaven, they must climb the entire staircase, but there’s a catch: on each stair will be an angel that will tell them a joke. If they laugh at the joke, then they’re denied entry into heaven.

The red head, feeling confident, decides to go first. She makes it to the twenty-fifth stair before one of the angels tells her a joke and she can’t contain her laughter. She’s immediately kicked off the stairwell and falls into hell.

The brunette is the second to attempt the challenge. She fares better than the red head, making it all the way to the eightieth step before the angels break through, and she breaks down in giggles. The angels act swiftly, throwing her from the staircase, banishing her into hell.

The blonde is the final challenger, and she tackles the staircase with relative ease, much to the surprise of the angels. No one is able to make her so much as smirk with the progressive hilarity of the jokes. Finally she reaches the ninety-ninth stair, one step from heaven.

The angel opens his mouth to deliver what they thought would be the final joke, when all of a sudden, the blonde collapses in a fit of laughter, unable to control herself.

The angel, being exceptionally puzzled, asks her, “Why are you laughing so hard? You were a step away from salvation?!”

After several minutes of uncontrollable laughter, the blonde collects herself, looks the angel dead in the eye, and responds, “I just got the first joke.”

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