A British spy goes undercover in America and tries to infiltrate the political ranks.

To get into politics, he has to pass an oral exam.

Examiner: When did the USA gain independence?
Spy: July 4, 1776

– Good. How many continents are there?
– Easy peasy, seven.
– Damn, you’re good. Which continent is Turkey in?
– Technically, Turkey is in two continents; Asia and Europe, since some parts of-
*gets cut off*
-Woah, you know your geography. Let’s do some history now.

Examiner: Who first discovered America?
Spy: Most people think Christopher Colombus did, but actually Leif Erikson first discovered the lands of our blessed country, America.
– Who was the first President of the United States?
– Peyton Randolph. George Washington was the country’s first *elected* president. But he was by no means the country’s first president.

At this point, the examiner realized this dude was a spy, because an actual American doesn’t know shit.

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