A bus full of nuns get killed in a car accident

They arrive at the gates of heaven and meet St Peter, he says to them, “Sisters welcome to heaven, in a moment I will let you all through the pearly gates but first I must ask each of you a single question”. St Peter turns to the first nun in the line and asks her, “Sister have you ever touched a penis”.

The sister responds, “There was this one time when the tip of my little finger touched one”.

“Alright then Sister dip your little finger in the holy water and you may be admitted”, Peter replied. She did so.
Peter turns to the second nun and says, “Sister, have you ever touched a penis”.

“Well, there was this one time that I held one for a moment”

“Alright Sister, just wash your hand in the holy water and you may be admitted”. She did so.

At this moment Peter hears a jostling in the line, it seemed as though one nun was trying to cut in in-front of another.

St Peter sees this and asks the nun, “Susan what is this, there is no rush”.

Sister Susan responds, “well if I’m going to have to gargle this stuff I better do it before Sister Mary sticks her arse in it”.

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