A cabbie is waiting outside a Vegas casino when a classically dressed man runs out in a state of extreme distress.

He comes up to the cab and says “You’ve got to get me to the airport straight away! I’m needed in New York as soon as possible, there’s millions at stake!” and the cabbie says “Sure, no problem, fella, just fifty bucks for the fare and we’re good to go”.

The smartly-dressed man says “This is awkward, but, I just lost my shirt in the casino and I haven’t a cent on me, just the clothes I’m standing up in and my airline ticket”, and the cabbie says “That’s a helluva sob story, friend, but I’m not seeing the fifty bucks here, know what I mean?”

So after failing to win the cabbie over, the businessman begins to run for the airport, and by the merest good luck he manages to flag down a lift and he makes his flight with minutes to spare.

Half a year later, with the business secure and some cash in his pocket, he heads back to Vegas for a little fun, and as he comes out of the casino he sees the cabbie at the rank behind a dozen or so other cars. So he goes to the first one and leans in through the window, and says “How much for a ride to the airport?” and the cabbie says “Fifty bucks, fella”, and the businessman says “And how much to stop on the way and give me a blow job?” and the cabbie tells him to fuck right off.

So he goes to the next cab and once again asks “How much for a ride to the airport?” and then “And how much to stop on the way and give me a blow job?” and the second cabbie also tells him to fuck right off.

After being rejected by all the other cab drivers, the businessman goes to the last one in the line and the cabbie chuckles and says “Hey, it’s you again!” and the businessman says “Yep. Fifty bucks to the airport, is it?” and the cabbie says “Sure, hop in”.

And as they pull away past the line of cabs, the businessman leans out of the window and gives all the other drivers two thumbs right the way up…!

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