A chicken walks into a library…

She goes up to the librarian and say, “Book! Book! Book!”.

Slightly perplexed, the librarian pulls a book from the nearest shelf (A Waffle Lot of Narwhal and Jelly) and gives it to the chicken. The chicken leaves, taking the book with her.

The next day, the chicken returns empty handed, finds the librarian and says, “Book! Book! Book!”.

The librarian is extremely curious, grabs another book off the shelf (This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House) and holds it out for the chicken. The chicken bows, takes the book from the librarian’s hand and struts away.

The next morning, the librarian decides she needs to find out what’s going on with the chicken (if she returns at all!)

Sure enough, she _does_ return, approaches the librarian, saying, “Book! Book! BOOK!”

The librarian holds out another book (The Abide Guide: Living Like Lebowski). As before, the chicken bows, before grabbing the book and leaving.

This time the librarian is prepared! She asks her deputy, Steven, to take over, and quickly exits, so she can’t lose sight of the chicken.

The chicken is walking at quite a pace, and the librarian is having trouble keeping up with it, as it proceeds to leave town. About ½ mile out of town the chicken turns off along a path into the woods. The librarian follows, but at a discreet distance.

Eventually they come to a clearing. In the middle of it, there are several piles of books in a semi-circle. In the middle sits a large bullfrog on a rock, looking impatient.

The chicken walks towards the frog, and the librarian (whose curiosity has now been piqued) follows close behind, no longer caring if she’s seen. The chicken drops the book in front of the frog, and kicks it with her talons until it’s right in front of him. She then pokes it violently with her beak and squawks “**Book!!**” in the frog’s face.

The frog looks down and slowly takes in the title. His eyes then return to the chicken. He sighs a deep, deep sigh and says, “Reddit”.

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