A Chinese general, an American Officer, and a random drunk asshole sit down in a bar and start to brag.

“If all our bombers were to be airborne at once,” says the American, “you wouldn’t be able to see any part of the sky”.

“Hah” boasts the Chinese General, “if all our soldiers were to march at once, you wouldn’t be able to see an inch of the ground.”

The situation grows tense, and the drunk guy says “I know a guy in town who has a cock that’s two feet long!”

An embarrassed silence falls, as he’s essentially called their bluff.

The American shrugs. “I suppose, if all our bombers rose, you could see some of the sky. I may have exaggerated.”

“Yes, yes”, says the Chinese general grudgingly, “if all our soldiers marched together, surely you could see some of the ground. Let’s be real.”

“Well, okay ,” the drunk guy says , “Maybe my guy lives a little outside of town .”

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