A circus is in town, famed for it’s lion tamer

The evening is unfolding and the anticipated act is upon the audience.

Rings of fire and whips cracking. For the final act the lion tamer climbs up on a pedestal, unzips his pants to pull out his member. The largest and most ferocious lion opens its maw on command. The lion tamer places his exposed manhood into its gaping maw. Quick as lightning the lion slams its jaws shut. Quicker yet the tamer whips his member out of danger.

The lion, roaring and frustrated makes another round, opening its mouth wide to accept the lion tamers Johnson. This time, without waiting for the command. The lion snaps their teeth with incredible speed. The tamer is faster still.

A roar goes up through the crowd. The tamer turns around and asks the audience:

“Is there anyone in the audience brave enough to attempt this trick? If you succeed I’ll give you a hundred dollars.”

The men squirm in their seats. A hush falls across the tent.

Grandma Ethel, seeing an opportunity to make a hundred bucks, stands from her seat. “I’ll do it!”

“How exactly do you propose to do that?” the tamer asks.

“Just you hold on and let me put my dentures in first.”

(Sorry for inconsistencies, translated from Swedish)

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