A dejected young man boarded a bus and moped up the driver, paid his fair, and trudged to a seat.

The driver tried to cheer him up, “what’s wrong mate? you having a bad day? cheer up lad, things’ll brighten up” The younger bloke nodded and grimaced a smile, and began to tell the driver of his woe. “I’m 24 and I’m a virgin, I’m not attractive and it
never just seemed to work out with girls, should I go to a prostitute?” The driver nods sagely and gives him some advice. “Listen, there’s a young woman who also rides the bus,
a nun, and she confided something to me recently too – she’s so horny that she is certain she will break her vows. all it would take is a young man to ask her.”
The young man was excited as the driver continued “She goes to the park every night to pray for a man the poor thing.”
“She’s still plenty pious and all that – takes pity on poor souls, so if you were to tell all her this, but also tell her you were dying..well,..”
A plan began to form in the young blokes mind.

That night he sat along the dark path to the park and when the nun approached he began sobbing. She asked if he is ok, and he tells her of his virginity and his desire, and that he has not long to live.
“you poor thing. come with me into the bushes..” she purrs.
“I won’t be taking my knickers off… but you can put it in my mouth if you want?” she continues. She’s gobbin away for all of a minute when the young man goes weak at the knees.
He immediately confesses “I’m sorry. I lied – I’m not really going to die soon”
The nun looks up and gargles “I lied too – I’m the bus driver”

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