A farmer gets a knock at his door late into the evening

Outside in the rain was a homeless man that begged to stay in the farmer’s barn and work for food and shelter.

The farmer invites the man in and said “I wouldn’t make you sleep in the barn. Especially while you’re all wet. Come inside.”

The homeless man is shocked by the farmer’s generosity and said “Are you sure? You don’t even know me.”

The farmer then says “It’s the godly thing to be generous to one’s fellow man. Come inside. I’ve got some leftover and you can have a nice warm meal. And I’ve got a spare room with an old bed you can sleep on.”

So the homeless man got let in and got a nice warm meal and a bed to sleep. In the morning there was a nice breakfast of eggs and bacon waiting for him. The homeless man was so happy and asked what kind of work he could do for the farmer. The farmer said he just needs some help with this and that and the man can stay. The homeless man offers to do more. But the kindly farmer wouldn’t have it. Then the homeless man states he actually has the ability to talk to animals. And he can talk to the animals on the farm and see what they say. The farmer, now somewhat amused by this, doesn’t believe a word of it. But tells the man to go ahead and talk to his animals.

The homeless man leaves and comes back an hour later. And said that he talked to all of the animals around the farm. He said he first talked to the chickens. And they said they were unhappy the farmer switched the kind of feed he was giving them lately. The farmer now shocked, admits he did start buying a cheaper brand of chicken feed. Then the homeless man tells him that the horses were unhappy with the new mouth bit that was in the harness because it’s triangular and digs into their mouth. The farmer was shocked again and admitted he had changed the bit recently. And that he’d put the old one back in so it wouldn’t hurt the horses anymore. Then the homeless man talked about the cows. And they told him the farmer has been setting the milking machine too high lately. And it was starting to hurt them. Again completely stunned the farmer admits he had started turning the machine up and would turn it back down for the cows’ sake.

Then the homeless man says “And the sheep told me…”

Suddenly the farmer interrupts and yells “***THEY’RE LIARS!!! DON’T BELIEVE A THING THEY SAY!!!***”

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