A farmer is suing a trucking company a week after getting into a very bad accident.

“Sir,” the trucking company’s lawyer says to the farmer, “my client says that, after the accident, you said you were fine. Is that true?”

“Well, you see,” replies the farmer, “I was driving to the fair, and my favourite dog, Spot, was in the front seat with me, and–”

“I didn’t ask for any details!” interrupts the lawyer. “Did you or did you not say that you were fine?”

“Well,” continues the farmer, “my pig, Polly, was riding in the back of my truck. I was going to enter her in the fair, and–”

The lawyer interrupts again. “Your honor, I think this man is a fraud. I ask him if he said he was fine after the accident, but instead of answering, he tells this story about his dog and his pig.”

“Well, I think the story sounds quite interesting,” says the judge. “We should let him finish before we jump to conclusions.”

The farmer thanks the judge and continues. “Anyways, this enormous truck runs a red light and flings all three of us out of the truck and into a ditch. It’s very painful, and by Spot’s whimpering and Polly’s squealing, I can tell they feel the same way.

“Along comes this highway patrolman. He hears Spot whimpering, and shoots him dead. He hears Polly squealing, and shoots her dead. Then he walks up to me with his gun, and…

“Well, what would you have done?”

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