A farmer walks into a patent office

He tells the clerk that he’d like to get a patent for a new fruit he’s grown. Confused, the clerk asks “what’s so special about a new fruit?”

The farmer replies “on one side it tastes like an apple and on the other it tastes like an orange.”

The clerks immediately replies “bullshit!” So the farmer tosses him the fruit. The clerk takes a bite out of one side and says “this tastes like an apple,”

to which the farmer replies “now turn it around.” The clerk does, and is surprised to find that it does actually taste like an orange.

The clerk tells the farmer he’s got his patent!

A few months go by and the same farmer comes back to see the clerk. This time he is beyond ecstatic. He tells the clerk “you’re not going to believe this! This will change mankind forever! I’ve grown a fruit that tastes just like pussy….” the clerk abruptly snatches the fruit away from the farmer, takes a bite, spits it out after chewing and yells “this tastes like ass!”

The farmer looks at him and says “now turn it around!”

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