A final CIA test for three men

An American, a Russian and a Bosnian man get to the final test to be admitted to the CIA. An American enters a room where he sees his wife Jennifer. A voice says: ” There is a gun on the table, your last test is to kill your wife, no questions asked.” American points the gun, but after a while gives up, exits the room and says “I can’t do it, she is the love of my life, I just can’t.” Russian enter next, same scene, Olga tied to the chair, gun on the table, he points, hands shake after about an hour he exits and says: “No way, Olga is the mother of my children, I can’t do it, fuck the world.” Bosnian man enters next, and immediately a couple of shots were heard, then some breaking and ruckus and this goes on for a couple of minutes and finally the Bosnian walks out all bloody and out of breath and says: “Man fuck you and your blanks I had to finish her off with a goddamn chair”

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