A frog walks into a bank…

…and goes up to one of the tellers. He’s holding a little paper bag, which he sets on the counter.

“Hello,” says the frog. “Sorry to bother you. Who can I talk to about taking out a loan? I’ve never done it before.”

The teller blinks a bit in astonishment, but upon recovering her wits, she says, “Uhhmmm…hang on a moment. I’ll get you one of our loan managers.”

“Oh, great, thanks.” The frog grabs his little paper bag, hops off the counter, and stands aside to wait. Within a few minutes, a young woman of about 25 appears and approaches the frog.

“Hello,” she says. “My name’s Patricia Black. I understand you want to take out a loan?”

“I would,” says the frog. “I have an idea for a business, and I need some capital to get started.”

Perplexed by, you know, *a talking frog with a business idea*, the loan manager asks the frog to follow her to her desk, and offers him a seat. “Now, tell me what you have in mind,” she says.

“Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s a computer repair service. I have a business plan…” He opens up his little paper bag and extracts a folder, which he hands to Ms. Black. She looks it over, and it looks normal and reasonable to her. But still…*this is a frog.*

“Um…well…we *do* require that you provide some form of collateral before we can loan you the money you need.”

“I understand,” says the frog, and reaches back into his bag. He produces a vintage Precious Moments figurine. “This was owned by my great grandmother. She bought it in 1978, and it was the first one of the series. As you can see, it’s in great shape, and has quite a bit of value on the collector’s market.”

Patricia is confused, but she wants to help. “I don’t know if our bank will accept this as collateral. Do you mind if I show it to the bank manager?”

“Of course,” the frog says, and Patricia takes the figurine to the bank manager’s office.

“There’s a frog out here who wants to borrow money to start a business, and he only has this for collateral. What do you think of this, sir?”

The manager looks over the figurine, shrugs, and hands it back to her. He says:

“It’s a knick-knack, Patty Black. Give the frog a loan.”

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