A guy and his date decide to go to Lovers Lane.

It’s their third date and the guy is really excited to take things to the next level, but they’re both clearly kind of shy about it. So after they park, he asks if she wants to make out. She agrees enthusiastically, and they start kissing.

After a little bit, he pauses and says “hey, do you want to get in the back seat?” She smiles shyly, lowers her gaze and shakes her head no. But they get back to kissing.

After some more time, things are starting to heat up. He’s made it to second base, the windows are fogging, and again he asks “do you want to get in the back seat?” And again she says no.

A little while later, they’re practically half naked, things are getting HOT, and he asks again “hey! Do you want to get in the back seat?” And when she says no, this time he stops and sits back.

“Listen, I don’t know but it seems like you’re really enjoying this,” he says

“Oh, I am!” She exclaims, worried that they’ve stopped.

“And maybe I’m being forward but I’d like to take things to the next level,” he raises his eyebrows.

“Oh me too! I’d like that very much!”

He turns to face her directly and cries out in exasperation, “well then why don’t you want to get in the back seat??”

She looks up at him, tears welling in her eyes, brow furrowed in dismay and whispers…

“But I want to stay up here with you.”

(Folks, I present to you my fathers favorite joke, on his 76th birthday. Happy birthday pops.)

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  1. It took me a couple of seconds to translate the punchline to British English but made me LOL when it clicked. Happy Birthday from across the pond to your Pops OP!

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