A guy is chilling out at the bar on the top floor of a skyscraper.

Suddenly he witnesses some strange dude in glasses run into the bar and yell: “Hey, bartender, would you mind pouring me a glass of that *special* cocktail?”
The bartender frowns, but does his job and gives him his cocktail. The man in glasses then downs the cocktail in one go, then takes a run up and jumps off the balcony of the bar all the way down. The man who saw all that is very perplexed, as he watches the guy in glasses fall down and waits for him to fall to his death…
But when the man in glasses was just about to fall, he slowed down and magically landed on his feet, then went into the building and to the bar again. The man, shocked, runs up to him and exclaims: “Dude, that was unreal! How did you survive?”
Man in glasses calmly replies: “Bro, I don’t even know. I just order these cocktails here, then jump off and when I’m about to fall I just magically slow down and survive”.
Then he orders the same cocktail again and repeats his jump, again managing to magically survive the fall. The man, excited, runs up to the bartender and asks him for the same cocktail as the man in glasses ordered. The bartender seems upset, but still pours the man his cocktail. The man runs up, jumps, and…. falls to his death.
After that the man in glasses returns to the bar and sees a bloody mess way down on the ground. The bartender comes up to him and says:
“Fucking hell, Superman, what a dickhead you are when you’re drunk!”

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