A guy is driving through the countryside, when he sees a huge hole in the middle of a field.

There are no other cars around, just an old farmhouse off in the distance. Curious about the random hole, the guy stops his car, gets out and walks across the field to the edge.
The hole looks ridiculously deep, and there are no warnings or barriers around, so he finds a rock and throws it in. He waits for the sound of the rock hitting the bottom, but nothing. He finds a bigger rock, throws it in the hole, but still no noise. The guy starts checking the grass around him for something even bigger, when he spots a railway sleeper a few feet away. He drags it to the hole and gives it a push, and a couple of seconds later he hears a faint crash as it hits the bottom. He decides he should head to the farmhouse and warn the farmer about the big deep hole in his field, but just as he turns to leave he sees a huge ram charging straight towards him. The guy leaps out of the way and watches in shock as the ram goes head first into the hole.
Still a bit shaken, the guy goes to talk to the farmer. He knocks on the door and is greeted by an elderly chap with a pipe.
“Excuse me sir, do you own the field over there with the giant hole in it?” the guy asks.
“Yessir I do. What seems to be the trouble?”
“The trouble? Well, there’s a bloody great big hole in that field with no warning signs or anything! What if someone fell in and died?”
“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that,” the farmer replies. “I’ve got a big ol’ ram out there guardin that field. Won’t nobody be goin near that hole.”
The guy flushes when he realises that the ram is very likely dead at the bottom of the hole, and nervously asks “well, what if, hypothetically I mean, what if the *ram* fell in the hole?”
“No chance!” chuckles the farmer. “I tied him to a railway sleeper.”

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