A guy went into a bank to ask for a loan. ‘I have some black powder,’ he told the manager. ‘You sprinkle it on a woman’s vagina and it makes it taste like a peach.’ ‘I’m sorry,’ said the manager. ‘I don’t think we can give you a loan for that.’

A few months later the same guy entered the same bank
pushing a wheelbarrow full of money.
The manager said: ‘Congratulations. I guess that idea for
black powder really paid off.’
‘No, that didn’t go anywhere. I made my money with this
white powder.’
‘Really?’ said the manager. ‘What does it do?’
The guy said: ‘Give me a peach and I’ll show you.’

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  1. The manager sprinkled some powder on the peach and took a bite, and immediately spat it out. “That tastes like shit, why would anyone want this?”
    The guy grabbed for the peach and said, “just turn it around the other way”

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