A guy with no arms and no legs is lying on a beach… (Warning: dark humor)

Then this beautiful, voluptuous blonde comes walking by, sees the crippled guy and starts pitying him. So she walks up to him and asks him: “Would you like a kiss?”

The guy looks up and says a bit hesitantly “Um… yes!”

So the woman bends down and the two of them make out for a long while.

Then the woman asks again: “And would you like me to… stroke your balls?”

The guy immediately perks up and says: “Yes, please!”

So the blonde starts stroking his family jewels and within minutes, he gets a hard-on.

The woman smiles and asks: “And have you ever been fucked?”

Sensing some good times coming, the guy replies: “No!”

The blonde laughs and says: “Well, you will be – the high tide’s coming.”

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