A homeless man is on the street corner begging for money

A wealthy lawyer walks past him. “Pardon me, sir, but do you have any spare change?”

The lawyer looks annoyed, and turns to him. “No, no I don’t. I don’t believe in giving handouts to bums. But I tell you what,” he said, handing him a business card, “if you come to my house tomorrow morning, I will pay you to do some chores around my house.” The homeless man agrees.

Sure enough, right on time, the homeless man knocks on the lawyer’s door. “OK,” said the lawyer, “your first chore is go take these two cans of brown paint and this brush, and go out back and paint my porch.” “Sure thing,” replies the homeless man.

A few hours pass, and the homeless man knocks on the lawyer’s door again. “All done,” says the homeless man. The lawyer is a bit surprised he is done so fast, but he gives him $50. “There,” the lawyer says, “doesn’t it feel better to work for an honest buck painting a porch instead of begging for it on the street?”

“Well, I suppose,” sighs the homeless man. “By the way, that isn’t a Porche, it’s a Ferrari.”

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