A Joke my kid told me

A guy goes to buy a notebook at the stationery shop. He finds a good one wrapped in plastic for $10, so he takes it up to the counter. The cashier rings it up, but tells the guy no matter what, not to look at the last page. The guy thinks it’s an odd thing to say, but pays the $10 and takes the notebook home.

He unwraps it, and naturally his curiosity starts to get the best of him…what’s on the last page? Could be anything: a pirate treasure map!; some kind of forbidden pictures!; his imagination goes wild.

Hands shaking with excitement, lips dry, he fumbles his fingers to the last page …

He sees it …

A price sticker that says $5.

(This isn’t verbatim from my kid – I did my best to make a lil more coherent and “moth joke” like)

What do you think?

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