A lawyer, A rabbi, and a Buddhist Monk…

…Are driving together on Route 66. It’s beginning to get dark and they are wishing for a place to stop but there isn’t a town for miles. Then they spot an old farmhouse and decide to ask. The farmer meets them at the door and listens to their request. He says that he would be glad to let them stay but he only has 2 extra beds, so one of them would have to sleep in the barn.

The Monk says that since his religion values self sacrifice he’d sleep in the barn. About five minutes later there was a tap on the door. When there farmer opened the door there stood the Monk. “I can’t do it, there’s a cow in there, cows are sacred.”

With a sigh the rabbi says that he’ll sleep in the barn. 10 minutes later there’s a knock on the door. There stands the rabbi. “There’s a pig in the barn, pigs are unclean.”

The lawyer says “this is just insane, I’ll sleep in barn. I’ll sleep in the barn. I’ll see yall in the morning.” 3 minutes later there is the sound of heavy running footsteps on the porch and the door is struck with a a booming crash. The hinges tear loose from the frame, the door flies across the room and shatters against the wall.

There stands the pig and the cow.

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