A lawyer and his friend from the Czech Republic were camping, when they heard a rustling sound.

They looked behind them and saw a huge male grizzly bear jumping out at them from behind a bush. The two friends fled for their lives, and the bear chased them.

The lawyer escaped, but his friend wasn’t so lucky. The lawyer watched in horror as his friend was swiped by the bear’s mighty paw and killed instantly. Then the bear started to eat the lawyer’s friend.

The lawyer rushed to the campground office and told the manager what had happened. The manager called a park ranger and relayed the news to him.

When the manager arrived, the lawyer climbed into his cart and the two of them drove around the campground looking for the bear.

Finally, the lawyer saw two bears: a female bear, and the male bear who had eaten his friend. He pointed to the male bear and said, “That’s the one who ate my friend!”

Immediately, the ranger pulled out his gun and shot the female bear.

“No, you idiot!” said the lawyer. “I was pointing at the other one!”

“I know that,” said the ranger. “I know better than to believe a lawyer who tells me that a Czech is in the male.”

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