A maid worked at the house of a very rich couple

One day, she was peacefully sweeping the floor when the phone rang. She answered it:

“Hello, who am I talking to?”

“It’s me, the boss. Is my wife already home?”

“What…? I mean, yes, she’s here, sir, but why are you calling? Aren’t you here too?”

“What do you mean? I’m at work.”

“So wait… That means that man wasn’t you?”

“What man?’

“I’m confused, sir. One hour ago I saw your wife crossing the gates accompanied by a gentleman. I saw it through the second floor window, so I couldn’t quite make up his face, although I assumed it was you, sir, since they… Oh dear… Since they gave a passionate kiss…”

“WHAT? Where are they now?!”

” I heard steps heading to… The bedroom, sir.”

“You mean to tell me that just as we speak my wife is in the bedroom with another man?!”

“Sir, I don’t what to tell you! I frankly thought it was you! I would never imagine that ma’am could do such a thing with you… I’m sorry for being the one that has to tell you…”

The maid hears her boss dropping the phone as he mutters and swears out loud. After some seconds, he finally pulls himself together and pick up the phone again:

“Listen carefully. By the time I’m here, that dog might have been gone. So I need you to do something. You must grab a knife from the kitchen and kill those bastards. It won’t be hard, they will never see it coming from you.”

“Sir! I can’t do that!’

“I’ll pay you 10 thousand dollars. Have we got a deal?”

The maid thinks about how much use she would have for that amount of money, so she ends up accepting the offer. The boss decides to keep up the call until she’s finished. She picks up the biggest knife of the drawer, and silently heads towards the bedroom. She opens the door. The lights are off, and she can only see the silhouette of a couple making passionate love. They both turn at her in surprise, but she quickly gives a stab wound on each one, ending their lives. As their bleeding bodies taint the bed, she reports back to her boss at the phone:

“I did it, sir. They’re dead.”

“Good job. I’ll give you the payment as soon as I’m home.”

“What will we do with the bodies?”

“I’ll put them on my trunk and dispose of them in a safe place. Just put them next to the pool for now.”

“Uh… Sir, we don’t have a pool.”

“Yes, we have. What are you talking about?”

“Sir, I’ve been working here for three years, I never saw any pool.”

“What? You’ve been working here for just two… Wait a minute…”


“I’m sorry, I called the wrong the number.”

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