A man dies in a car accident and gets sent to the pearly gates

upon arriving and seeing saint Peter, he instantly freaks out. “What? I can’t go to heaven! I’m only 23!! i’m too young to die! Send me back!!” so saint Peter offers him a deal. “Okay, you know I can’t just send you back like this, but I have a deal for you. You may return to earth, but only in the form of a spider, and you have to make a line of spider web to get back.” the man is sceptic but agrees to saint Peter’s offer and saint Peter turns him into a spider. He starts making a line of spider web, all goes well. But as he is halfway down to earth he starts to run out. He pushes and pushes, and keeps pushing but when he almost reaches earth, he hears a voice: “HANK!! WAKE UP!! YOU’RE SHITTING YOUR BED!!!”

sorry for any mistakes btw but I think this one was not posted here before

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